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In memory of Robert J. Fischer. ( March 1943- January  2008)

In 1971 I learnt the moves. Bobby Fischer was my idol…

Fischer’s contribution to Chess has been immense. Boris Spassky defined him as “the first trade unionist in chess”. Apart from the conditions he managed to impose on tournament organizers ,not only concerning fees, but also concerning the playing conditions, he rescued Chess from specialized magazines and brought it to front pages of newspapers all over the world. (You can find tons of information on the Internet).

Bobby jumped to fame when he was only a boy and appeared in the rich US chess scene, in the 50’s of the 20th century. A new Morphy was born.

Very soon he stated that his only aims in life were to defeat the almighty Russians and become World Champion. After many ups and downs, never-ending quarrels with the world, the Soviets,  he, walks-out and comebacks, with legions of journalists following him, it was not till 1970 when he managed to win the Interzonal Tournament and qualify for the Candidates’ series. The story is well-know: his first opponent was a Soviet GM: Taimanov. The result : 6-0. His next opponent was the Dane Bent Larsen, one of the best western player in those years. The result: another 6-0. And the last one was Soviet super GM and ex-World Champion T. Petrosian. The result:  6.5 -2.5.  The road to the World Champion Spassky was clear.

A new period of never-ending battles, threats, telephone calls, stress and fear on the part of the Icelandic organizers set the ground for the  match for the 1972 World Championship, a match dubbed as “The Match of the Century”.

Chess became popular in all the world , chess sets and books were sold by the ton.No other phenomenon had caused such stir…

In Rejkjavik Fischer smashed Spassky in a match plagued with incidents during its first games.The story is well-known.Bobby seemed ready to start quarrels about everything and with everybody. He lost the first game, lost also the second by default and put everybody on edge. A curious thing is that the amount of pressure he used seemed to affect mainly Spassky and the organizers, not himself.  (Karpov put forward a curious theory years later…) At one point Spassky disobeyed the order of coming immediately back to Moscow , conceded playing in a separate room and… was destroyed. Nobody knows what would have happened if Boris had followed the orders of Moscow…

(For those interested I would strongly recommend the book “Bobby Fischer Against  the Russians”)

To show Bobby at work, I have chosen the following game:

W.: O. Bazan (0)

B.: R.J. Fischer (1)

Mar del Plata 1960

( Most of the games in this blog will appear without comments. One should do one´s own work…)

1. Nf3 Nf6  2. c4 e6  3. Nc3 d5  4. d4 Bb4  5. cd5: ed5:  6 Bg5 h6  7. Bh4 c5  8.  e3 Nc6  9.Be2?! g5  10. Bg3 Ne4 

11. Rc1 Qa5  12. 0-0 Bc3:  13. bc3: Nc3:  14.Qe1 Ne2: 15. Qe2: c4! 16. e4 Be6  17.Bc7!?  Qc7:  18. ed5: g4

19. Nd2 Nd4: 20. Qe4 Qf4 21. Rc4 Qe4: 22. Ne4: Ne2  23. Kh1 Bd7  24. Re1 Kf8  25. Nf6?! Bb5  26. Rb4 Ba6

27. Nd7 Ke7 28. Nc5 Rhe8!  29. Na6: Kd6 30. Rb7 Ng3  31. hg3: Re1 32. Kh2 Re8 33. Rf7 Rcc1 34. White resigns.

Studying Fischer games to understand his style may well take years on end. I still think one of the key points in his  style is his overwhelming ability to see in-between moves…



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