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What is this new blog about?.- Evidently, about Chess. There are thousands of blogs about this matter and they cover all sort of fields. I do not have a fixed plan for this one. I would only like to write about a game to which I have devoted over half my life. My primary intention is to write about the different aspects of Chess as well as about the different Chess personalities I have met during my chess career (mainly acting as Deputy Arbiter): Karpov, Spassky,Anand,Shirov,Korchnoi, etc., philosophical approaches,games,history  of Chess, and so on.

Chess is my life. This statement has become a well-known “cliché”.In my case I can say Chess has been by my side in the good old days and in the hardest and harshest of times. In short, my Chess life could be resumed as follows:

1971: Learnt to play Chess taught by my father. (Age?. Well, before my teens…)

1978: started to play  OTB Chess

1984 : started to write for Chess publications

1986: started to play CC : ICCF , AEAC and Club events (I have played for CC Clubs in England,Scotland,Germany and


From 1989 to 1995: Deputy Arbiter in professional OTB tournaments.

2002: coauthored a book on Bobby Fischer (published in the USA)

2007: reached the CC M-Class.

Up to present time I have played against opponents from over 50 different countries in the world.

I cannot teach Chess.I do not know how and I do not mean it either. This may seem a contradiction I try to solve with Botvinnik´s idea: Chess cannot be taught, it can only be learnt.

This blog is not written for anybody and perhaps beginners may find it a bit complicated . It will show a subjective point of view in those matters not related to well proved and accepted historical facts. I understand that some people (they call themselves “experts”  or “critics” at the same time dismissing and underestimating  the rest of us…) say that only they and the professional players can write about Chess -so far nobody knows who has given them the  right to do that and putting themselves above the rest though some use ELO rating points real or fictitious as a powerful weapon. Well, this blog is not for them.

I will try not to repeat well-known facts unless necessary, but I will offer bibliography for the reader to consult.

I do not know whether the following posts may help somebody. If so, please think it has been so thanks to your own effort. I believe in self-tuition, with the teacher teaching only how to learn on one´s own, by oneself. I would like this blog to serve as a tool for exchanging ideas.

And now the game starts, as it has been starting since its misty origins hundreds, perhaps thousands ,of years ago.



Written by QChess

February 28, 2012 at 6:59 pm

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