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CC Disaster in the Offing

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You are playing too many games. Don’t know why ,simply you have time and so on… At first everything is OK. Then the opening is over and you have a lot of positions, some levelled, other slightly better or clearly better, others slightly worse or clearly bad… In one of the levelled positions you place the a Pawn/Piece on the wrong square, find your move, don’t care to check the position on the screen and the game becomes a shambles if not a defeat. Or perhaps you have all your pieces wonderfully placed …but… when sending your move instead of gxf5 you play exf5… Nobody knows what has happened into your damned head but you made the damned move and all the previous work goes down the drains. Or why not sending one move you have prepared for opponent “A” to opponent “B” because you had put position B instead of position A and curiously the move could be played in both games??. Or perhaps at the very start your opponent has played 1.e4 and when you are going to play your move with your mouse it “goes” to a different file and …voilà!… a theoretical novelty is added to your personal file: 1. e4 , 1…, b5 (clearly not the Sicilian you wanted…Also you can exchange Queens or not but apparently the position seems levelled in both cases. What to do?: two options + “Murphy’s Law and no matter what you play: it should have always been “the other”… Gremlims?. Schizophrenia?. Parallel worlds interfering into your head?. Mental blockade?. Overloaded brain + Freudian slip to avoid mental collapse?. Absolute stupidity for not checking the whole thing three or four times so falling in a sort of paranoia in a few weeks??. Necessary evils?. The revenge of your mind in retaliation for keeping it busy with Chess all day long?. Necessity of spending a long time in a good bedlam?… 

These are, among others -I suppose-  some of the perils awaiting you in the world of CC. The problem ,as I have written before , is that while in OTB a game is played , in general, during the afternoon/early evening and if you lose you lose on that very day, in CC you may be suffering for months trying to save games in which you have made a mistake not directly related to Chess properly, but to the proceedings involved. Then you see how easy is losing ELO points and how difficult is to regain them…

As time passes by I must admit I react worse and worse before defeats provoked by any of the above-mentioned disasters… When I make a mistake I usually explode blaming the damned computer or the mouse and myself for being an ass, for not having checked and rechecked , and , at last , for the sheer fact of having made a mistake. No, one cannot bear the stupid feeling of having to admit that one can make mistakes because those mistakes show something you cannot admit to: that , one way or another, you have done something very wrong. And CC players have not been made to admit to such things: we play Chess , we strive after beauty and perfection, we are brought up in a world with no mistakes, because Chess has to do with winning  -the more games the better-  not with losing: we are not used to losing, we are not taught to lose, losing is for other people, not for us, and our heroes made mistakes but he manged to save their games in most of cases and we should be trained to follow suit but in fact we shouldn’t and so we sheepishly LOSE, lose like  nitwits, lose like a rabbits lose like patzers, and you even imagine how your opponent, who has netted “your”point, is gloating over it because you have been an absolute dumbo… But the worse – yeah, there is something worse- is that you are walking up the walls screaming at everything because ,in fact, you don’t have someone else to blame for what you have caused… to yourself.  (Moreover, a curious fact in the life of a CC player is that apart from his opponents on the other side of the webserver, in general nobody else around him plays Chess, so nobody can understand his immense suffering and he is seen as a good candidate to be visited by a good doctor who could send him to a psychiatric ward of a good hospital. Nothing a cocktail of pills couldn’t cure – they devilishly think looking at you with a blend of pity and tenderness -of course, in the meanwhile you have kept flagellating yourself with the position you have just turned into rubbish…To no avail… (And yeah: I have just lost a game that way.)

(By the way… is there a good psychiatrist over there????)

Yours in grief,


Kultaev. Mate in 3 moves ( 8 – 1p6 – p7 -p2P4 -k2P4 -PRK5 – 1P6 -4R3)

(Remember that if the image “shrinks”, click on it to enlarge)



Written by QChess

December 19, 2013 at 8:23 am

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