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Once you start studying and playing Chess in a competitive way no matter if it is OTB or CC , you are trapped. You build a sort of parallel world inside your head and no matter what other things you have to do in your life: your head will be always thinking about positions, opponents, present/ future games and openings. If you, like me, devote yourself to CC and have a lot of official correspondence games running at the same time then the whole thing may be worse: CC games take months to be played. In a single week you may win,lose or draw several of the games . Then no results for weeks or months, only moves coming  and going through the ICCF webserver, ost of them in utter silence. Only your head gets full of activity without anybody noticing it.-Why do we play Chess?-

mate in 4

Perhaps you would like to try to solve this problem . It is a mate in 4.

Professional chessplayers play for money. O.K. And the rest of us (millions throughout the world?) . Perhaps we all know why we play Chess …until we have to try to explain it… Maybe most people do not care about this matter. They play Chess and that`s all. But what is clear is what we want when we play Chess: all of us want to WIN. It is a sort of self-imposed challenge. Nobody plays Chess to become a better person, get more knowledge about the universe, etc. And we don’t play Chess “to learn” (or the worst version of this: when you lose and you think/somebody tells you: “you only learn from your defeats”. I have read/heard this scores of times . And I beg your pardon, but to me it is the most stupid explanation ever invented to justify defeats. – No, if this were true, simply lose all your games but be the wisest man on earth… We do not play Chess to learn. We play Chess, paraphrasing Mallory when he was asked why he/people wanted to climb Mount Everest and replied “Because it is there”.Then we play Chess because it is there. And we play Chess, study Chess etc. to WIN.

Every chessplayer must design his/her Chess career. S/he must choose the way they want to study, train and play. The books they want to read, the games they want to study , if they are going to play OTB or CC and act accordingly. 

With a blog like this my only aim is to try to act as a mind/brain trigger making the reader constantly change his/her position to get fresh new perspectives/ideas. This is why I include games and problems. I cannot teach anybody to play Chess.Simply I don’t know why. And to me, the sum of its part is greater than the whole itself. Like most of you, I’m also trapped.


Above: White to move. J. Kling

If the moment arrives and after due calculation, would you give your Queen for two Rooks?. Well, I know it will depend on the position and a clear calculation. Bobby Fischer left us several examples of the fight R+R vs. Q. In my CC games I have had to decide in some moments too. Well, unless the position with the Q were clearly advantageous, I would choose the two Rooks (the last game I have lost was one in which I gave my Rooks for his Queen simply to realize that was the losing decision. Why did I do it?????? .-Because I made a mistake…. And this mistake is doubly painful BECAUSE I KNEW THAT THE REST OF THINGS BEING EQUAL, TWO PIECES ALWAYS WIN AGAINST ONE PIECE. Shame on me… I deserved it.

(The solution to the Kling problem may be too easy or too difficult. The key first move is 1.Ra4  and the mate threats combined with  a double attack win the Black Queen…)



Written by QChess

August 23, 2013 at 2:19 pm

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