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A big Correspondence Chess  event is about to start: the ICCF Champions League 2012. This is an official world-wide team tournament. Teams and players from all over the world are taking part. The official start has been scheduled for October 15th and the teams have been already grouped, the players already know their opponents. It is played through one of the most useful and practical tools ever applied to CC: the ICCF Webserver.

I am playing in one of the teams and a few days ago received my list of opponents… At first I was frightened:  a list of 14 fellow colleagues (13 games to be played) but with 3 International Masters (IM), two Senior International Masters (SIM) and some high ratings (three over 2400 ELO and the rest very near…). I am defending my team first board and this is one of the strongest tournaments I have ever played.

Generally speaking, when you receive the list of players several of your opponents start the games sending their first moves (They played the White pieces). Not this time… . Very strange, very strange and fearsome… Perhaps they are sharpening their knives?

I have written about the differences between CC and OTB Chess, but some days ago I realised there is another big one and I am experimenting it: in OTB,when you reach the last round, you already know all your previous results and those of your opponents (unless some adjourned game by some reason). Not in CC because here you play all the games at the same time. So, in a given moment several results may appear changing the tournament scenery.  And at last it has  happened to me: in one of my tournaments the last the game between me and one of my opponents will decide the winner: if I draw or win the game I will finish first. If I lose , I will finish second. It is true that in ICCF events, the games in any event can be seen once a part of the total games are finished, and you can see all the games in the event. A different matter is that I hardly ever do that (!). I suppose many players like to see the games in their tournaments  once they are  showed in the web page. But I must admit I tend to play without caring about that particular matter. Perhaps one of my defects…

In any case, I would like to use this post (the next one will appear next Thursday), to encourage everybody to join the ICCF  (you can find information at < correspondence=”” chess=””””> or directly through your corresponding national correspondence Chess body/organization, and start playing CC.  No matter if you are an OTB player. The magic of CC will be irresistible.



Written by QChess

October 2, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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